A Technology in Use for Over 40 Years
Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity. This technology has been in use for over 40 years. It’s well-established, safe, and reliable.

Solar Makes Sense in the Southland 
Currently, Germany, which receives less sunlight then we do, leads the world in the use of solar panels, generating 39% of the world’s solar energy in 2005. The Southland could lead the solar energy generation.

Noiseless, Durable, and Handsome
Solar panels are noiseless and have a life expectancy of over 30 years. They can be designed to fit with the aesthetics of your home.

Home with Solar Panels

Financial Incentives Available to You

  • Federal Tax Credit, enhanced starting in January 2009
  • State of California Rebates, totaling $3.2 BILLION over the next ten years.

Reasons to Install Solar Electric

  Reduce your energy bills
Reduce generation of greenhouse gases
Invest in renewable energy
Reduce need for more coal-burning power plants
Support Energy Independence
Preserve the global fossil fuel supply for future generations
Set a good example and encourage young people and others to protect the environment


Time to Recover Solar Investment
How long before savings on your electric bills pay back your investment in solar panels?

  • Commercial:10-15 years
  • Residential:15-20 years

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